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Spin a future together 未来を紡ぐ ~すべての暮らしとともに~ 代表取締役社長 久内 克秀

Unitika Trading co., ltd. is a “manufacturer’s trading company” united by manufactures (Unitika Fiber and Unitika Textiles) and trading companies (Unitika Tsusho and Unitika Sakai). It is a core business company of Unitika Group which has varieties of materials, unique technologies and many bases in Japan and abroad.

We have our corporate mission “Crafting all lives with our thoughts and ingenuity” and vision “Weaving the “virtuous cycle” together in a changing world”. Our “virtuous cycle” works as follows; fostering diverse employees and associates with admiration and respect, expanding our presence in society, running our business comfortably, welcoming new talented people and the positive cycle continues indefinitely.

Also associated with our group policy for sustainability; “The Unitika Group will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by connecting people's lives and technology through its business activities.”, we will support people’s safe, secure, convenient, comfortable and ecofriendly lives through our products and services in the field of Textile & Apparel and Industrial materials, which is our dedication to realize a sustainable society.

Please let us have your continuous support and guidance as we all run in the effort to be a member of company expected and trusted by all stakeholders.