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A new answer for a better life.

For clothing textiles, industrial materials, and global needs.

We contribute to the lives of society from the two fields of clothing textiles and industrial materials.

In the field of clothing textiles, we provide integrated support for original yarns of filament yarns and short fiber yarns, textiles, secondary products, and distribution. We are disseminating the "Japan quality" of high value-added fibers both domestically and internationally.

In the field of industrial materials, we dynamically combine the Unitika Group's technological capabilities with a diverse network to provide optimal materials for all industries, from the living area to the industrial area.

Furthermore, by closely collaborating with each department in both fields, we will propose new solutions that meet various needs. We are building a value chain through synergistic effects and promoting global expansion so that we can contribute to people's lives not only in Japan but also around the world.

TEXTILEclothing textile business

High value-added fiber pursuing Japan quality.

Integrated support system from material development to planning and production.

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We comprehensively handle planning, proposals, production, and supply in all forms such as synthetic and natural fiber yarns, raw cotton, textiles, and sewn products. Since we have our own factory, we can make our own plans, and we have abundant development results in differentiated products with added functionality and high value-added products.

In recent years, we have been expanding our global expansion by promoting overseas product development by utilizing the functions of the Center for Global Development. We are also promoting initiatives related to SDGs that are safe, secure, and considerate of coexistence with the environment, such as expanding materials and products made from recycled materials and plant-derived ingredients.

INDUSTRYIndustrial Materials Business

We provide optimal materials that meet the needs of society.

Making full use of the Group's technical capabilities and diverse networks.

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We manufacture high-performance materials and products made from textiles and chemical products to support various industrial fields. By making full use of the Unitika Group's technological capabilities, wide value chain, and diverse networks, we are able to carry out research, development, and planning from raw materials, and we will respond speedily to all needs with a consistent production system from final products. We are also focusing on the development and sales of environment-friendly products, globalization, and the pursuit of further originality.

We will contribute to the creation of a better society by providing optimal materials with the motto of our customers' needs and all of them being products.

GLOBALglobal business

Dynamically expand from ASEAN to the Western region.

Various operations such as import / export operations, local production and sales.

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We are engaged in overseas production, sales, and import / export operations of raw yarn, textiles, secondary products, and industrial materials. We are strongly promoting global expansion, such as expanding sales from China to ASEAN and Western markets by revitalizing production bases utilizing overseas infrastructure and further enhancing our network.

In particular, high-quality denim, which was developed in tie-up with a denim brand that boasts the top share in Japan, has been widely deployed in the Western market and expanded to Asia and South America. We also deliver various values to the world, such as providing materials to famous apparel brands and developing our own functional and industrial materials.

Unitika Group's overseas network
Unitika Group's overseas network