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Sustainable water repellent material


Sustainable water repellent material

"TACTEEM" is a durable water-repellent material that uses Unitika's original special composite yarn and forms a fine uneven structure on the surface of the fabric to reduce the contact area with water droplets and achieve high water droplet rolling properties. It has an excellent effect on long-term rainfall in sports and outdoor scenes. Furthermore, because the form of the specially processed yarn demonstrates high performance, it is possible to prevent the deterioration of water droplet rolling performance due to washing.


  • It has excellent water droplet rolling properties and reduces the adhesion of water droplets to the surface of the fabric.
  • It has excellent durability of water repellency against long-term rainfall.
  • It has a unique soft touch.

Pattern diagram

The contact area with water droplets is small, and the water droplets easily roll.

Schematic diagram of TACTEEM

The contact area with water droplets is large, and it is difficult for water droplets to roll.

Blank schematic


Evaluation by long-time spray method (applying JIS L 1092 spray test)

TACTEEM performance comparison image