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Sun shielding cooling material


It's cool! Hard to see through!

"SARACOOL" is a comfortable functional material that has both cooling and cool contact. It has 2 to 3 times the sunlight shielding property (35% to 50% sunlight shielding property) compared to normal polyester, and keeps the temperature inside clothes low in sunlight. In addition, it has achieved high color development of dark colors while having 1.5 to 2 times the anti-see-through property. It is as cool as the shade of a tree and protects the skin from UV rays.


  • Excellent heat shield cooling effect
  • High UV protection
  • See-through prevention effect
SARACOOL Micrograph
SARACOOL Micrograph
SARACOOL Spectral Transmittance Comparison Graph
SARACOOL of Saracool's spectral transmittance
SARACOOL solar heat shielding performance graph
SARACOOL 's solar heat shielding performance