2. Development


Research and development capabilities to capture the present and illuminate the future. Creating originality as a manufacturer and trading company.

As a manufacturer, we have R&D capabilities as the wellspring of our originality.
We focus mainly on all manner of research and development related to textiles, starting from filament and including spun yarn, textured yarn, weaving/knitting, dyeing, and finishing.
We support an all-in-one system that undertakes everything from
the materials stage to the product stage, transcending field of application.

Our Strength and Pride in "Creative Abilities"

If there is no product to fulfill a customer’s needs, we will create it. This is our great strength. As a trading company with manufacturing functionality, we listen directly to customers’ opinions and develop new products through close communication, as well as enhancing our existing products. Or we will propose the seeds born from our daily R&D activities in light of market analysis. This is the strength we are proud of and at the same time a source of joy.

Varied Technical Capabilities Starting with Textiles

At the foundation of our technical development, inherited from the expertise of the Unitika Group with its history of more than 120 years, is our polymer technology starting from our textile development activities. Presently, we retain world-class technical development capabilities related to textiles, and our technologies ranging broadly from synthetic products to nonwoven fabrics that originated from a century of history are alive in the quality of all the product lines we are engaged in. To deliver even more precise solutions to our customers, we will create surprising, impressive, and competitive products, and to deliver even more precise solutions to our customers, we continue our daily activities in technical development areas.

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