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Dynamic strength envisioning the future creates the value to advance into tomorrow.

Makes Quolity Value for You 4U

The basis of both the creation of a better society and the solution to global environmental problems is people’ s lifestyles. To enrich the daily lives of each member of society, we must bring them more happiness and a greater feeling of satisfaction. We consider this our mission. We maintain an all-in-one system and global network that mobilize our concerted capabilities spanning raw materials procurement, R&D, planning and proposals, production, and distribution.
Unitika Trading Co., Ltd. aims to be an influential corporation that creates value in all manner of ways as a manufacturer and trading company, not only through all the materials and products of the Unitika Group with its 120-year history, but also through dynamic solutions services and footwork. For lifestyles, society, and the global environment, into tomorrow, and beyond—our passion for creativity and our solidarity are the sources of our vitality.

Our For You - 4U

Textiles and apparel, industrial materials, original solutions. Leveraging synergies to move dynamically into new territory.

Makes Quolity Value for You 4U

The lines of business we are engaged in can be roughly divided into textiles and apparel, and industrial materials.
In the textiles and apparel field, we respond to customer needs through an all-in-one system that covers everything from filament and spun, textiles, secondary products, and distribution.
We create "Japan-quality" high value-added products in coordination with overseas production centers.
In the industrial materials field, we leverage our dynamic network as a manufacturer and trading company.
We provide original materials for all business types, from lifestyle-related to industry-related.
Moreover, in both fields, we mobilize our concerted capabilities in each of our departments through
mutual collaboration with other departments.
We will capitalize on the resulting synergies to construct value chains and develop both our home market of Japan and with an eye toward the whole world in our global expansion.

Makes Quality Value for You

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