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Company History

1942Nanko Bussan Ltd. was established and started business operating as a special agent (chain store) of Dainippon Spinning Co., Ltd.
1952Nanko Bussan Ltd. became to a subsidiary of Dainippon Spinning Co., Ltd.
1970The company's name was changed to the present firm name of Unitika Trading Co., Ltd.
1975The business office that is now the Tokyo office was established in Chuo-ku, Tokyo
1984 Merged with The Dainichi Industry Co., Ltd.
2001Merged Unitika Hanbai Co., Ltd., the Commercial Division of Unitika Service Co., Ltd. and Unitika Interior Co., Ltd.
Made UNITIKA MATE CO., LTD. a subsidiary company
2009UNITIKA TSUSHO Ltd. has changed its corporate name to UNITIKA TRADING Co., Ltd. as of October 1, 2009

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