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We provide a wide range of solutions from environmentally conscious materials to apparel. We create uniforms that contain new value.

Uniforms worn at companies and schools in recent years not only have functionality such as being stretchable and absorbing sweat for quick drying, it has also become standard for them to be environmentally friendly in that they do not impact the earth’s environment throughout their life cycles, from raw materials to disposal.
In addition to development all manner of eco-materials and environmentally friendly systems, we also manufacture textile products, office wear, working wear, caddie wear, and other apparel products, as well as producing custom-made uniforms.


Highly Functional Clothing to Accommodate an Aging Society

As uniforms diversify, we are especially emphasizing development of nursing and nursing care clothing against the backdrop of the current aging society, as well as infection preventing wears and surgical fabrics, for which a high degree of functionality is required. Moving forward, we will deploy our business with an eye toward expanding sales of differentiated materials to global markets and manufacturing a variety of garments using our proprietary highly functional fabrics.

Accommodating Everything from Special Functions to Environmentally Friendly Products

We are also actively involved in uniforms for government agencies, which emphasize special functionality. Also, in recent years we have been engaged in development of everything from environmentally friendly products, such as the recycled polyester Uniecolo® and the Ecorally® recycling system that re-used consumed uniforms, to systems operation as important themes.

Main products

Main products



A multifunctional multilayer yarn suited to a wide range of uses

Palpa is the standard in multilayer yarn products, introduced over 30 years ago. It features polyester staple fibers wrapped in high-quality cotton.



A line of high-dimensional safety materials satisfying safety standards in Japan and around the world, developed using Unitika’s own proprietary technologies

Protexa-PS (infection-prevention material)
This infection-prevention material prevents infection by protecting against penetration by blood or other bodily fluids from patients infected with pathogens. Since its superior durability in the wash means it can be used repeatedly, it also helps reduce wastes.

[ Features ]
·Blood barrier
·Virus barrier
·Suitable moisture permeability and water resistance
·Outstanding durability in the wash

Protexa-HV (high-visibility material)
Materials having colors and brightness making them highly visible under any degree of brightness during the day and under conditions such as when illuminated by vehicle headlights in the dark.

Protexa-FR (flame-retardant material)
This flame-retardant material is highly resistant to burning and carbonizes instead of melting when it comes into contact with flame. It also is resistant to scattered acids, alkalis, and other materials. Highly stain resistant as well, it is almost as water absorbent and moisture absorbent as cotton.

[ Features ]
·Flame retardant
·Chemical resistant
·A comfortable feel like cotton

Caddie wear (Caroline)

Caddie wear (Caroline)

Providing caddie wear and a full range of supplies needed on the golf course

Caroline is a line of wear for caddies on golf courses. Using high-performance materials with features suited to seasonal conditions, including warmth retention, sweat absorption and quick drying, coolness, and cutting penetration of UV rays, it provides a full lineup of golf wear from uniforms to undershirts, rainwear, and accessories such as gloves and socks. It also can be made to order with original designs to express the individuality of country clubs. We also supply a wide range of products needed on the golf course such as staff uniforms, towels and other bath items, tablecloths for restaurants and other facilities, and artificial turf.

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