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We add value with our broad range of expertise. We will innovate new possibilities in apparel.

Sportswear is the type of apparel product that requires the most advanced functionality.
Utilizing high-level technical capabilities, we develop highly functional materials of all kinds that are lauded even by top athletes.
We also maintain a line of materials appropriate for innerwear that is comfortable to wear and is highly functional.
We support our customers in every aspect, from product planning to design and original equipment manufacturing.


High Quality and Highly Varied Supply Structure

In the sportswear field, where demand for functionality continues to grow, what we value most is our close communication with apparel manufacturers. Our strength is in our broad-ranging responses in rapidly supplying high-quality thread, fabric and secondary products at each stage to accommodate the needs ascertained in the activities of our development teams.

Functional Innerwear that Employs Technology

In the field of functional innerwear as well—a market that has been revitalized in recent years—we supply materials that make use of our technology development capabilities. We are especially applauded for our ability to create hit products using composite materials or high value-added, differentiated materials produced with a special finishing process. Going forward, we remain committed to channeling resources into proposing secondary products that employ our all-in-one system as well as sportswear and innerwear products.

Main products

Uchimizu Dry

Uchimizu Dry

A new concept in cooling material, using evaporation of sweat to cool the wearer

Uchimizu Dry is a material with a cooling effect, made from polyester woven in a unique lattice pattern that encourages sweat evaporation through quick absorption. This evaporation eliminates evaporative heat, efficiently cooling the inside of the garment. It also dries very quickly.

[ Features ]
Provides a high level of cooling during exercise through the cooling effects of sweat
Keeps down chills from sweat through drying quickly after exercise
Outstanding UV blocking performance
Actively absorbs thermal sweating on the skin

Thermotron RadiPoka

Thermotron RadiPoka

A heat-retentive material suitable for all climates, utilizing far-infrared radiation effects

Thermotron RadiPoka demonstrates a high level of heat retention performance through the synergy effects of converting sunlight to heat and radiating far-infrared rays.



A new natural fiber sourced from tree, pleasing to the touch and with a wide range of looks

Sylph is an ecological natural fiber made from pulp sourced from tree plantations. It has a unique texture and a wide range of looks.



An attractive summer material with a smooth, crisp touch

Grezele is made from top-of-the-line hard twisted yarn with the use of super-long cotton. Its clear surface gives it its characteristic smooth, crisp feel. It feels great in the summer thanks to its coolness to the touch and its unique dryness. With its appropriate levels of elasticity and drapability, it is suited to a wide range of casualwear designs.

[ Features ]
·A smooth, crisp touch
·A cool feel thanks to its unique cooling and drying effects
·Appropriate elasticity and drapability

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