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We respond in detail to customer needs through our commitment to society. We deliver "today" in fashion.

Taking advantage of our comprehensive textile-related capabilities, we support our customers starting from the stages of apparel product material procurement and development.
We deploy consistent value-chain management from weaving, knitting, dyeing and other processing of textile products leveraging our trading company functions, to the gamut from merchandizing to design of apparel products, and original equipment manufacturing for specialty stores, department stores, and mail order outlets, all the way through to distribution.
We provide all manner of solutions tailored to the needs of our customers.


Unique Deployment through Higher Order Operations高次化したオペレーションによる独自展開

We are intensively deploying differentiated and high value-added products equipped with global competitive capacity. In addition to the sophisticated technical development capabilities and facilities inherited from the Unitika Group in Japan, we have also brought these assets to overseas production centers, where we are working to provide unique products that have the added benefit of "Japan quality" in cost operations.

Responding Flexibly to an Array of Distribution Needs

As a manufacturer-type trading company, we have the ability to provide solutions and the track record that comes with our close perspective on the final consumers. We also achieve original equipment manufacturing through an all-in-one system, starting from materials development, which accommodates customer needs. We will also provide solutions that include collaboration with brands in Japan and overseas, and direction of distribution structures.

Main products



Confortable stretch yarn using bi-metal technology

Can achieve various type of touch and surface either knitted and woven fabric.This is an item which can bring various possibilities on stretch fabric.



Advanced cooling item which is light, non-transparent, and effectively cuts the sun light

Effectively control the light coming through which prevent the UV, heat transfer and transparency.

Stage costumes (Symphonic)

Stage costumes (Symphonic)

Stage costumes that make stages more beautiful

Symphonic is a line of stage costumes for women who enjoy singing in the chorus or other types of music as hobbies. Using beautiful fabrics that only the Unitika Group can deliver, such as materials with excellent shine and drapability or silky materials, the Symphonic lineup ranges from dresses, blouses, and skirts to casual style costumes as well as accessories such as corsages. Its diverse designs and color schemes accentuate the stage beautifully. Its range also includes blazers for men and costumes for children.

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