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We are deploying bedding and towels using natural materials and processing techniques. We spread true comfort to people’s lives.

We develop high-quality and highly functional natural fiber materials, and provide optimal quality in bedding, towels,and other items in the home textiles field.
We also leverage sophisticated processing techniques, such as antibacterial treatment to inhibit the growth of microbes and bacteria in the fibers.
We bring together a vast array of high valued-added products that pursue cleanliness and comfort.


Bedding Products with a Wide Range of  Materials and Strong Design Capabilities

We sell all manner of materials for bedding products, including fabric for feather comforters and Japanese-style mattresses and their covers, pillow covers, and pajamas. Our lineup of a broad range of high-quality materials includes high thread-count spun yarn and Indian cotton, as well as our stock of approximately 10,000 print designs. This ability to offer a wide array of solutions is earning us plaudits.

Deploying Everything from Lifestyle Materials to Our Own Products

In addition to supplying original yarns and raw materials for towels, handkerchiefs, curtains and other high-quality lifestyle materials, as a manufacturer we also use the composite material Palpa® and deploy feather comforters and undergarments that utilize sophisticated processing and sewing technologies, as well our own products featuring cashmere.

Main products



A diverse lineup of functional materials increasing value added to brands and products

Bedding products require a wide range of features including heat retention, comfort, and cleanliness. Through development of numerous high-quality natural fibers, synthetic and composite fibers with superior functions, and unique processing technologies, we meet demand for improved comfort and cleanliness in the bedding field. For example, our lineup includes a wide choice of materials suited to the brand concepts and value added to products, including Eosy, which delivers advanced anti-bacterial deodorizing effects using materials such as chitosan and hyaluronic acid that are gentle on the skin, and Ramco, a material with a comfortable feel that delivers a silky shine and soft texture using super-long Indian cotton harvested using hybrid technologies.



Supplying towel materials with higher levels of comfort, achieved using unique technologies

We also offer a broad range of optimal materials for towels, which require high levels of absorbency and comfort to the skin. For example, our lineup includes Free Twist towels, which realize a soft texture along with absorbency and water retention through twisting only the surface of the thread, Rorantan towels, which are soft on the skin with a smooth, linen-like texture through use of luobuma fiber, and Terramac, a biomass material that helps protect the environment through its biodegradability and reducing CO2 emissions. We are increasing value by adding a variety of functions to towel materials.

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