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We are dynamically deploying our business from the ASEAN countries to the United States and Europe. We are engaged in everything from import/export activities to on-site manufacturing and sales.

We are involved in import/export activities, from the purchasing of original yarns to the planning and sale of denim fabric.
We are also dynamically advancing production and sales with an eye firmly on overseas markets.
By revitalizing production centers that use overseas infrastructure and through our overseas sales network, we will expand sales of business resources,such as differentiated threads and industrial materials, from China to the ASEAN countries, and then to the EU markets.


Global Development and Sale of Denim Fabrics

We maintain a tie-up with a major denim fabric manufacturer that has the top share in Japan, and are engaged in the related export activities. We currently have approximately 120 contracts with famous apparel manufacturers in the United States and Europe. In coordination with overseas sewing and processing plants, we propose and supply top-quality denim materials to the world’s jeans markets.

Strengthening our Motive Force as a Global Corporation

We are powerfully advancing our global deployment by utilizing overseas infrastructure. In addition to import/export activities and overseas production, we are promoting the expansion of overseas sales and the establishment of production structures through coordination with the sales hubs the Unitika Group maintains in Shanghai, Beijing, and Hong Kong. We will move from overseas deployment of differentiated threads to promotion of sales within China, deployment of industrial materials in Southeast Asia, and then to advancement into markets in the United States and Europe. We are making strides daily in our drive to be a global corporation.

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