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Industrial Materials Industrial Materials

Industrial Materials

We contribute to industry through a vast array of materials of all kinds. We provide total solutions, from fibers to resins.

We provide highly functional materials developed by the Unitika Group to all manner of industry sectors.
We support industry in wide-ranging forms, for nylon, polyester and other fiber and synthetic materials, as well as original fabrics to each kind of processed product and sewn product even for nonwoven fabrics capable of deployment in a variety of applications.


Industrial Materials

Deploying a Wide Array of Fiber Materials in All Industries

We sell fiber materials that are used in all manner of industries, from fisheries and agriculture to construction, automotive, all types of manufacturing, and recreation. In addition to polyester, nylon, and vinylon, we deploy proprietary functional fibers that include glass fibers, activated carbon fibers that exert a strong effect in air and water filtration systems, and the biomass material Terramac that has a low environmental impact.

High Share of Nonwoven Fabrics and Proprietary Synthetics

Spunbonded nonwoven fabrics and discontinuous-fiber nonwoven fabrics are focus products in the field of industrial materials, as demand is increasing for these materials in civil engineering, agriculture and household necessities. In addition to original fabrics, we also handle all manner of processing, such as slitting, rewinding, printing, bag making, evaporation, and coating. Our glass bead Sparklite®, used in reflectors, is also gaining attention and expanding into new applications.

Vinylon Products

Main products

Fiber materials

Fiber materials

Providing a diverse range of materials to a variety of fields, from nylon and vinylon through Terramac

We deliver fiber materials for use across a wide range of industries, from agriculture and fisheries through construction, civil engineering, automotive and other manufacturing industries, and leisure industries. In addition to a variety of materials such as nylon, vinylon, polyester, polypropylene, and polyethylene, we also handle product planning and production to order utilizing Terramac, a biomass material that helps to reduce CO2 emissions.

[ Main products ]

  • Raw cotton fiber materials: polyester cotton, vinylon cotton
  • Raw yarn fiber materials: nylon, vinylon, ester thread, etc.

Uses: fishing nets, rope, long fishing lines, construction/land nets, construction/truck sheets, cheesecloth, bedding, automotive trim boards, sound-absorbing/partition boards, etc.

Chemical products

Chemical products

A lineup of various chemical products and products using newly developed materials

Along with various chemical products made from raw materials such as the water-soluble synthetic resin polyvinyl alcohol (POVAL) and vinylon, we constantly propose new products such as air-purification products using AD'ALL activated carbon fibers developed by Unitika and industrial materials utilizing our Unibeads glass beads with diameters measured in microns.

[ Main products ]
POVAL, TRINEO (construction nets), various raw materials and chemical products, activated carbon fibers, Terramac (biodegradable fiber), glass beads, reflective sheets, melamine boards (decorative panels), ester resins, fuels, etc.

Spunbond nonwovens

Spunbond nonwovens

A full range of spunbond nonwoven fabrics, from raw fabric through treated products

We supply spunbond nonwoven fabric products of materials such as polyester, nylon, and olefin polypropylene and cotton spunlace nonwoven fabric products to markets such as those for home products, civil engineering, and agriculture, where demand for spunbond nonwovens is increasing. We handle not just raw fabrics but a wide range of processes as well, including slitting, rewinding, printing, dyeing, cutting, bag production, vapor deposition, coating, lamination, and sewing. Utilizing the network of the Unitika Group, which boasts a high market share in the field of spunbond nonwovens, we deliver products that provide considerable advantages. In addition, our Ecomix polyester long-fiber nonwoven cloth made from recycled PET bottles has been awarded Eco Mark certification from the Japan Environment Association (JEA).

[ Main products ]
Rice-bag tape, rice packs, alcohol bags, drain bags, storage bags, flower wrap, artificial flowers, building materials, insulation tape, cleaning rollers, filters, sandbags, materials for civil-engineering, agricultural, food-product, and sanitary uses, etc.

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