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Functional Materials

We propose functional products for lifestyle necessities, exteriors, and interiors. We leverage our potential through creativity.

We take advantage of our extensive line of materials, including fibers and synthetics, and our network to deploy products that are active in lifestyle settings and sports settings that require special applications and functions.
From lifestyle necessities such as kitchen supplies and cleaning products where functionality is emphasized, to materials for artificial lawn, interiors, and public works construction, we maintain a product lineup that makes use of our unique planning and development capabilities.


Functional Materials

A Broad Range of Lifestyle-related Necessities to Meet Customer Needs

Though the wide expanse of materials and unique planning and development capabilities of the Unitika Group, we manufacture and sell all manner of lifestyle necessities and industrial materials tailored to user needs. We deal with products from familiar lifestyle items such as kitchen supplies and cleaning products, to products used in all types of plants, such as wiping cloths.

Pursuing Safety from Exterior Products to Interior Products

We deploy our artificial lawn Green Eye® as a core product active in a wide array of fields, from sports application to recreational products and landscaping. Our lineup also includes our Green Eye® Sand artificial lawn containing sand for tennis courts, and our long-pile artificial lawn Green Eye® Hyper for grounds. We also offer design and execution of interior work, and sell interior products, namely carpets, blinds, and curtains. We thereby respond to a vast range of customer needs.

Main products

Lifestyle and industrial products

Lifestyle and industrial products

A broad lineup of lifestyle-related products, from kitchen items through hair and beauty products and disaster prevention

Utilizing our network extending from upstream to downstream functions as a trading company, we manufacture and sell a wide range of lifestyle and industrial products to meet user needs. These products serve a variety of fields from one closely related to daily living such as kitchen items, cleaning supplies, and hair and beauty supplies through disaster-prevention products, environmental products, and business supplies.

[ Main products ]
Kitchen and cleaning supplies, hair and beauty supplies, business supplies, fire-prevention and safety supplies, biodegradability and ecological products, novelty goods, etc.

Functional materials

Functional materials

Performing a diverse range of functions in the safety and environmental fields as well as construction and interior design

In fields requiring special performance such as those of safety and environmental protection, we supply functional industrial materials such as fire-prevention sheets and marine pollution-prevention sheets. Our Super Dexy Sheet products are used in rooftop greening and to combat sick-house syndrome. We also sell products such as Green Eye artificial turf used at home and in various sporting facilities and Unitika BCF nylon carpets used in the interiors of public facilities, hospitals, and condominium complexes. Our functional products are used in a wide range of applications from the workplaces of various industries through exterior and interior uses.

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